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GD Affiliate Center

GD Affiliate Center

Plugin allows management of as many affiliates as you want. You can review basic statistics including impressions, clicks or conversion rates for each one, manage ads and control integration in your website change status and review data for each affiliate.

Plugin allows you to ad banners and text ads on your blog and plugin will handle rendering of ads and simplify changes, track impressions and clicks.

This website is a demo of the plugins features, and all ads are generated by the plugin. There are several affiliates added, and displayed in 3 areas on each page. Plugin Features category contains posts explaining key plugin features with screenshots. Roadmap category contains announcements of upcoming features. There are many things that can and will be added to make use of the plugin easier. Most important announcements will be in the Blog category.

Plugin is not available for free, and you can purchase license on the Dev4Press website. More details here: GD Affiliate Center on Dev4Press.

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